/bri:D/ verb
1 AIR (I, T) to take air into your lungs and send it out again: When you get an asthma attack you can't breathe. | People are concerned about the quality of the air they breathe. | breathe deeply (=take in a lot of air)
2 BLOW (I, T) to blow air or smoke out of your mouth
(+ on): Roy breathed on his hands and rubbed them together vigorously. | breathe sth over sb: The fat man opposite was breathing garlic all over me.
3 breathe again/more easily to relax because something dangerous or frightening has finished: The all-clear was given and we could breathe again.
4 breathe a sigh of relief to no longer be worried about something that had been worrying or frightening you
5 breathe down sb's neck to pay very close attention to what someone is doing in a way that makes them feel nervous or annoyed: How can I concentrate with you breathing down my neck all the time?
6 not breathe a word to not tell anyone anything at all about something, because it is a secret: Don't breathe a word, it's supposed to be a surprise.
7 WINE (I) if you let wine breathe, you open the bottle to let the air get to it before you drink it
8 SAY STH QUIETLY (T) to say something very quietly, almost in a whisper: "Wait," he breathed."
9 breathe your last literary to die
10 breathe life/excitement/enthusiasm into sth to change a situation so that people feel more excited or interested: Let's hope Doug can breathe a bit of life into these rather dull people.
11 breathe fire to behave and talk very angrily
breathe in phrasal verb
1 (I) to take air into your lungs: The doctor made me breathe in while he listened to my chest.
2 (transitive breathe something in) to breathe air, smoke, a particular kind of smell etc into your lungs: They may be in danger of breathing in asbestos dust.
breathe out phrasal verb
1 (I) to send air out from your lungs: Jim breathed out deeply.
2 (transitive breathe something out) to send out air, oxygen, a particular kind of smell etc: Green plants breathe out oxygen in sunlight.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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